Welcome to Yogaffinity


                                                                           Definition of 'Yogaffinity'

Yoga          -    A Sanskrit word which means union; A system of techniques involving postures, breathing and meditation that together create a union

                            between the mind, body and spirit.

Affinity        -   Relationship, connection;  An attractive force of varying strengths for various elements.


Yogaffinity -  The union of Yoga and Affinity;  A practice that connects mind and body and encourages a connection with the internal forces and spirit within.

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Restarting Face to Face classes.  


With effect from Tuesday 1st June 2021 face to face classes in the Hall for both Tuesday and Thursday classes will resume.


-   Booking on to all classes should continue to be made via the ‘Make A Booking’ page on my website.  

-   Spaces are limited and, if the class is fully booked, a waiting list for places will be in operation so do please let me know if you are

    unable to book your place in a class.

-   Upon booking, a confirmatory email will be sent to you confirming your space.

-   Please remember to bring your own equipment:  a yoga mat, blanket, yoga block and a strap.


CANCELLATION POLICY:  Due to the limited number of spaces available in each class, if you cancel your booking within 24 hours of the class start time you will not receive a refund.  Every effort will be made to try to re-allocate your booking but this is not guaranteed and will be subject to availability at a later date.