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About Me

Lesley Humphrey

I began practising yoga in 2005 and pretty soon, one class a week became two, two became three, weekend workshops crept in and it soon became evident that I was truly hooked on yoga as what had begun purely as a physical exercise class quickly developed into so much more.  Having worked in London since 1987 I am no stranger to the stresses and strains and indeed joys that life in City can bring but when I started practicing Yoga I felt that I had found my balance, something I hadn't realised I'd been missing before.  As well as a great physical exercise, yoga taught me how to reconnect my mind, body and breath, how to settle my mind and allow the stresses of the day to ease away and, most importantly, how to relax.  After a while I began to share a few of the things that I had experienced in my classes with a friend who is mentally disabled.  She absolutely loved it and this soon developed into a regular little unstructured yoga session.  After only a few weeks of these sessions, her family began to notice positive differences in her, most notably of which was an increase in clarity and contentment and it was these yoga sessions that brought about another shift within me too.  I found that I was no longer content to just practice yoga purely for myself anymore and that I wanted to be able to share it and teach it, and so my studies to become a Yoga Teacher began.  


Throughout this journey I have been extremely fortunate to have had the benefit of learning from some incredible teachers; Dr Ruth Gilmore, Liz Lark, Sarah Litton, Catriona Brokenshire, Kat Repka, Graham Burns, Anna Blackmore, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli to name a few of the tutors at YogaCampus; Judith Hanson Lasater, Doug Keller, Fiona Agombar, Julie Friedeberger, Ralf Marzen, Amarajyoti, Shanti Priya, Jyoti Jo Manuel, Sarah Lo and Petra Coveney for their specialist teachings in applying yoga therapeutically and restoratively; Jill Cook who gave me a great foundation in which to embark upon my teacher training; and last but not least Emma Escott whose teachings started it all for me.  I began my journey with Emma and it is her support and teachings that have, and continue to, inspire and encourage me to move forward on this wonderful path of Yoga.  


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