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Restorative/Restful Yoga

In today’s fast paced and stressful society, Restorative/Restful Yoga can be the perfect antidote to help reduce the effects of stress-related diseases, balance energy levels, calm the mind and give your body an opportunity to heal and recharge itself from within.  A Restorative Yoga practice is designed to help you relax, rest and restore your whole body.  


This class draws its inspiration from my Relax & Renew - Restorative Yoga and various Yoga Therapy trainings and Yoga for Pregnancy, as well as taking influences from both the traditional Hatha and Yin Yoga practices.  In this class we will begin with an initial settling, setting a positive intention (a Sankalpa) for the practice and beyond as well inviting a connection with the breath.  We will invite gentle movement in the body by awakening the joints and muscles before exploring some deeper restorative postures (asanas) supporting the body through forward bends, back bends, gentle twists as well as inverted postures.  Whilst these practices may look and feel easy and peaceful, there are powerful effects taking place throughout the whole body.  Through the use of various props, blocks and blankets, the practioner will be able to let go of all effort and settle into a place where tension can be eased, muscles released and where a deep relaxation can take place.  We will explore pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation in further depth and close with a deep guided relaxation practices such as Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep), active tension releasing practices and guided visualisations.   This class is suitable for people of all levels and abilities, including Pregnancy or for people with Cancer, ME or MS.



Restorative/Restful Yoga Classes


Tuesdays - 7.30pm - 9.00pm @ Belmont Village Hall, Parker Road, Grays, Essex, RM17 5YN

Class prices:  £8 on a drop in basis or, £40 for 6 weeks over a pre-set period.



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