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Yoga For Pregnancy

Pregnancy yoga helps promote health and well-being, invites a deeper connection between mother and baby and gives you the tools to help cope with the changes that pregnancy, birth and motherhood can bring.  In addition to helping you stay fit and healthy during pregnancy, it is a practice that helps provide good physical and emotional wellbeing for both you and your baby during this wonderful time of transition.  Physically, the yoga postures (asanas) gently improve muscle tone and flexibilty whilst protecting the joints and, as you and your baby grow, the asanas can help you maintain your balance and posture.  Yoga practices can help improve circulation, strengthen the pelvic muscles and help provide relief from some of the more common symptoms during pregnancy such as lower back and pelvic pain, heartburn, whilst helping to regulate blood pressure.  The Pranayama (breathing) practices help relax the physical body, calm the mind, invite positive thoughts and maintain emotional balance and these practices are ones that you can use during labour to help manage pain and aid in the delivery of your baby.  


I am also a fully qualified Hypnobirthing instructor and incorporate the techniques, practices and philosophy of this into these pregnancy yoga sessions.


I offer specialist Yoga for Pregnancy classes are on Saturday mornings.  Class prices are £8 per class.  This course is run from the Yoga Cabin at my home.  Please contact me direct for dates and to check availability as spaces are limited and a waiting list is sometimes in operation.  

Please note that you will need to be at least 13 weeks into your pregnancy and have had your first scan before joining these classes.



If you would like to join any of these classes, I would be grateful if you could contact me prior to coming along to the class.  Thank you.

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