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Yoga as a Therapy

Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis

For someone with Multiple Sclerosis, the practice of yoga can provide help with symptoms such as loss of flexibility, balance and co-ordination, heat intolerance and fatigue.  It can also help to relieve tension, improve circulation, harmonise the nervous system, increase muscle tone and body awareness, all of which are can be extremely beneficial to a person with MS.  


Yoga for ME/Chronic Fatigue

For someone with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E) or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (C.F.S) the practice of yoga can help calm the central nervous system, improve digestion, mental clarity and hormonal function, reduce the effects of stress and tension, improve circulation throughout the whole body, strengthen the lungs, regulate and improve breathing to enhance the oxygen through the body and thus create more energy, all of which can be extremely beneficial.


Yoga for people living with Cancer

Someone living with cancer may look for physical, emotional and spiritual support during this difficult time and the practice of yoga can play an important role in providing this.  Gentle body movement, breathing exercises, meditation, relaxation and yoga nidra all provide conditions which encourage physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health to flourish.  Through a mindful practice of gentle movement and breath awareness, we can begin to renew the connection with the physical body, maintain the health and mobility of the joints, clear the energetic pathways and create a place in which healing can flow freely.  These yogic practices can provide someone living with cancer with periods of relative peace, enabling them to reflect more calmly upon their situation and cope with the challenges that a cancer diagnosis can bring.


I currently offer bespoke one-to-one yoga sessions.  Each session will be specifically tailored to that individual’s needs and abilities.   Alternatively you might like to consider my Tuesday Restorative class which incorporates practices from all of my Yoga Therapy trainings.

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